The Project of Female Refugees

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The Project of Female Refugees 

  • Cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Association for Supporting Refugees to participate in the legal services that the association provided for the refugees by the team of legal assistance in the project.
  • Cooperation protocol with the Alliance of female Refugees that affiliated to the Arab Organization for Human Rights to provide economic assistance for female refugees through training them on some simple crafts and vocations that help them to have decent life in Egypt.
  • A unit has been established to provide legal assistances and provide support and protection for female refugees who are exposed to violation. This is through team of able and qualified lawyers to provide legal services for female refugees.
  • The unit receives complaints and reports from women who are exposed to violations whether from their husbands or because their unstable status as they lack official documents.
  • The unit receives complaints concerning detention or violation cases because of lack of official documents.
  • Dealing with female refugees who illegally come to Egypt or dealing with those who are obliged to be married to get residence permission.
  • Providing legal consultations for female refugees in all related to their residence, marriage, proving procedures and lineage. Till now, the unit deals with at least 100 consultations and 50 cases in front of courts, in addition to about 150 lawsuits that are expected to be dealt with within the next stage of the project.
  • 50 lawsuits were sued through the project varied from cases of proving marriage, linage proving, divorce and residence permission in Egypt and other cases concerning women during their existence in Egypt according to the provisions of Egyptian law.
  • Providing 100 legal consultations for women and girls refugees in Egypt to not expose legal problems as a result of ignorance and lack of knowledge concerning Egyptian laws whether to complete marriage relation, divorce procedures, aliment or other legal problems that female refugees may be exposed to because of lack of knowledge of laws and protecting them from all exploitation forms.
  • Implementing number of one-day seminars attended by 250 of female refugees and the representatives of high commission of refugees protection and child protection program in Egypt. The seminars tackle identifying the legal status that are faced by female refugees generally and the legal obstacles and problems that faced by women in particular. During the seminars, the services programs, provided by the Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers, were presented along with the communication mechanisms with legal assistance unit in the project. At the end of the project, a plan for legal support was prepared.
  • Legal booklet was issued entitled “The Rights of Female Refugees” to simplify the legal articles that women need in Egypt. The booklet simplifies the legal information that female refugees need and which related to Egyptian laws concerning rights of refugees.



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