The Project of Economic Empowering for Young Woman in Upper Egypt

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The Project of Economic Empowering for Young Woman in Upper Egypt 





The Project‘s Activities

  • Implementing 5 workshops; each workshop will include 10 women to train them on skills of handicrafts namely textiles, accessories, leather crafts and products, preparing domestic meals and embroidery and sewing.
  • Each workshop will be six-day, 5 days for training on handicraft skills and one day about marketing skills.
  • The training sessions in the five days will be theoretical by 30% and practical by 70%.
  • By the end of the trainings each participant will product her own handicrafts to be assessed by the trainer.
  • After the end of the training, each trainee will be provided with production tools and raw materials and be responsible for producing her handicraft according to her raw materials under the supervision of the trainers.
  • Each trainee will participate in marketing exhibitions prepared by the marketing expert.
  • Marketing officer will be assigned in each governorate
  • The marketing officer will create page on Facebook to promote the handicraft products of the trainees.
  • The marketing officer will design electronic propaganda posters distributed through the e-mail and Facebook to promote the products.
  • The marketing officer will organize Open Day marketing exhibition in each governorate includes all products of the trainees.
  • Marketing exhibitions will be in clubs, youth centers or occasions houses in villages and cities according to the nature of the governorate and city and its population’s orientations.


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