Legal Awareness

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Legal Awareness


Legal Awareness– Access to justice is recognized as being essential to human development,    for ensuring democratic governance, in reducing poverty and for the purpose of              conflict prevention. Access to Justice implies a right to live within an environment of rights         where such rights are effectively protected

Constitutional principles fundamental rights; rights of citizens; criminal law, laws prohibiting violence against women including Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, provisions relating to dowry harassment and dowry death; sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment at the workplace; law prohibiting witch hunting; law against sex selective abortion.

Laws relating to Panchayats Scheduled Areas, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, labour laws; Right to Information law and how to use the same                                         .

Personal laws and gender justice, rights of women in marriage, customary laws; the protection provided by Scheduled Caste and Scheduled tribes (Prevention of Atrocities)

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