Egyptian NGOs report for the UPR

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Egyptian NGOs report for the UPR


NGOs play a prominent role for human rights as they monitor all violations of human rights through interventions with the concerned authorities and with local and international public opinion in order to put an end to these violations. They exert all the efforts to defend every individual in the society in order to get his/her rights. NGOs have become increasingly more powerful to protect and enhance human rights. Thousands of national and international NGOs are actively involved in strengthening human rights and played the role of a guard in case of inactivating human rights instruments. This report is conducted to present a consensus statement from 100 NGOs from Upper Egypt governorates (Assiut- Sohag- Minia- Bani sweif- Qena) members of the “Coalition of NGOs for the UPR-Egypt”. This coalition provides a clear study about the status of human rights in Egypt with a focus on the most prominent events and violations that explain problems and main obstacles inhibiting Egyptians from achieving their rights laid down in the basic international conventions of human rights, those ratified by the Egyptian government; particularly in the last four years.

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